British Parrot Rescue Directory

Find a Local Bird Rescue by Area in Scotland, England and Wales.

The purpose of this directory is to help anyone interested in adopting a parrot, or placing a bird, find a nearby organisation in their local area.

Some of these rescue and adoption services only work with people in their immediate area.

All rescues placed on this directory page, must first be approved by BPRW before being listed.

Please Contact Us to ask for our Rescue Placement Form, It will be sent to your email address.

Once your application has been accepted, It's free to list your organisation on this page for the first 6 Months, then after your trial, we will ask you for a 3 Monthly Subscription Fee.


Northern England

North Yorkshire Parrot Rescue - We take into our rescue centre in Yorkshire all parrots and other cage/aviary birds to rehome/foster and also wild birds, that we rehabilitate and then release back into the wild.

For all cage birds enquiries


Phone: 07707 650220

For all wild birds enquiries


Phone: 07707 650220

The Midlands

Southern England

North Wales

South Wales

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