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Stop The Caging of Birds


By John Anderson 


Published 6 December 2017

Caged birds are suffering, living in tiny cages, and many are never let out of their cages or not for long enough. Caged birds crave freedom and companionship with other birds, not the cruel reality of forced solitarily confinement for the rest of their very long lives, being locked inside a tiny cage.

Parrots kept in cages all the time, may sleep most of the time during the day to help alleviate boredom. While others will begin to self mutilate. First they might start with over preening, then go on to plucking out their feathers and after years of doing this, the birds feathers will not grow back again.

Some parrots go even further and self mutilate their own skin. These birds will then be much harder to re-home in this condition. And living outside in an aviary or Sanctuary, will not be an option for these birds either.

If your Parrot has already started to feather pluck, for advice please read this link:

Please consider building an indoor aviary for your birds, or buying a large double cage. (You could join two cages together, after removing the two inner panels to make one larger cage) For example, 2 x 3ft into a 6ft Cage.

If you are going to keep a parrot in a cage, you should keep the cage door open as much as possible, a cage should only be used as a safe place where the bird can eat, sleep, play, and whenever it's not safe to leave the bird unattended when you need to go out of the house.

Stop the caging of birds continued... 

Its now time to admit birds shouldn't be kept in cages. For more information, Please follow this supporting link:

We are not saying here you shouldnt have a bird as a pet, but ask you to provide proper care for your birds, according to ALL of our Adoption Policies.

You should give them plenty of time out of their cages, as much as possible. We recommend you open the birds cage for 8 Hours minimum, or upto 10 Hours, each day. You could split this into two separate sessions, once during the day and then again in the evening, or whatever works best for you. If you do this for your birds, you will be helping them to avoid the many behavioural problems that can arise, if your bird doesn't receive proper care.

Something to think about!

If you don't intend building an aviary, or letting your bird out of its cage, but keep the Parrot caged all of the time, for the rest of its life, then you shouldnt be keeping a Parrot as a pet. (This is animal cruelty) Please think seriously about building an aviary or rehoming your bird with one of the many rescue and Sanctuary organisations.

Please consider getting another bird(s) to give your pet bird a mate, (Especially if it's a parent reared bird), so the bird is never alone when you are not around.

Should all Parrots be placed in a Sanctuary or Aviary? All birds belong in the wild, and by caging them, we've taken a away their freedom, that allowed them to do what they want to do.

But some pet birds just like they wouldn't cope well being released back into the wild, wouldn't necessarily be able to adapt well to a life in a Sanctuary either.

It will depend alot on each individual bird, and their needs, and if they will accept the company of other birds in a flock, if offered the time and opportunity to choose . But we should never decide for them based on what we believe or think is right for them. That would be taking away their freedom, whether that be to live in a loving and caring home or a Sanctuary situation, it's about what's the best thing for the bird. For more information on this subject, please contact The Rainbow Bird Sanctuary. (Manchester)

But please bear in mind, as our limited number of Sanctuary's become full and more overcrowded, it's more important to give priority to the Parent Reared Birds. (Aviary Birds - Bought from breeders and being sold as pets) These birds should be Sanctuary's, and not being kept in cages) So please consider this before rehoming or selling these birds.

For these birds, that are not suited to life in cages, we urgently need to build more Bird Sanctuary's and Private Aviary's, that are run by dedicated people that genuinely care about all these birds that are suffering alone in tiny cages.

For more information, please visit: