Welcome to the British Parrot Rescue and Welfare!

BPRW is a non profit organisation, dedicated to the rescue, foster, adoption and welfare needs of surrendered or found parrots. Our priority is identifying potential foster homes and educating caregivers in proper parrot care.

Because all of the birds in the BPRW adoption program have experienced the loss of one or more homes, we believe that every adoption should represent the best possible match and opportunity for a successful relationship. Our Adoption Process and Policies are based on the best practices learned from research.

BPRW offer a free advice and rescue service for all types of Parrots and other cage birds, including problem birds. We will take in and care for any bird regardless of size, age, or medical condition.

British Parrot Rescue and Welfare is based in the county of Yorkshire and cover all areas of Scotland, Northern England and Wales.

If you have a Parrot and need our help or advice or feel you can no longer care for your bird, please don't hesitate to contact us.

For free help and advice, please Phone: 07762 780560 (Northern England)

Our rescue service was created to assist in the care of all types of parrots, and Parakeets, sometimes with the right advice or behavioural training the rehoming of the bird has not been necessary.

However, it is a sad fact of life that circumstances can change and a home once suitable for a Parrot is no longer suitable and you need to find a new home for your pet. In either case, please use the contact page or phone us and we will only be too happy to help and advise you.

When a bird comes into our care it will be placed with one of our registered foster homes. Then the information received from the original owner will help us to choose the ideal home for your Parrots. All birds remain with BPRW for the rest of their lives.

The mission of BPRW is to provide a safe haven for birds to stay until they can be adopted into new homes. The owners of these birds entrust them to our care to find and qualify new homes or other appropriate placements for their companion birds.

The majority of the birds placed with BPRW have been hand tame companion birds kept as pets in someone's home. It is our experience that the bird's best interests are served by continuing a home environment relationship by having them be a member of a family rather than being placed in a rescue sanctuary or aviary situation.

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