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Birds Available Now for Adoption in 2019

Bird Species: Indian Ringneck Pair - Pet Birds

Birds Name: Coco and Kiki

Status: Ready now for long term foster

Foster home location: South Yorkshire

This is a message from the owner.

Boy and girl Indian ringnecks Coco is female (Yellow) around 2.5 years and Kiki is male (Green) 21 months, they are in love and love playing together, can both be handled by me and my children and husband.

They both enjoy fresh fruit and sweet corn daily and they both will require some time out of the cage to spread their wings and have a fly around the living room, they will play and fly together cuddle and kiss, they have full flight and no clipped wings.

They have come from a loving home and been very spoilt, they have lots of toys in there cages to keep them occupied and they love playing with them.

Sarah, South Yorkshire

For more information please contact Sarah, Phone 07592 162330

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